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This book captivated me from the first page I fell in love with Georgia, a fiery female urologist, and her best friend, Jonah, a compassionate family physician, as they fight for their patients access to medical care Filled with Martin s signature wit and voice, this story made me want to be a better human being, to stand with those who are marginalized and work to make this world a better place I adored the friendship between Georgia and Jonah and the gorgeously drawn setting of Charleston A character driven page turner with smart writing, an important message, and a whole lot of heart Highly, highly recommended Don t miss this one This is out February 18, 2020 from Berkley I received an advance copy from the author All my opinions are whole heartedly my own. the antidote for everything is books and chocolate I was fortunate to be an early beta reader of The Antidote for Everything As a member of the queer community, I m often suspicious of cis het writers who take on queer themes or characters, but in this case, Martin did a solid job of reaching out to multiple sensitivity readers as well as engaging with several LGBTQIA groups as she wrote the book, and it shows We need ally stories as well as books by queer authors We need representation in books and we desperately need people to use their voices in support of the queer community This is a strong, well researched story about a highly relevant topic written with love and respect Now about the book you know, plot, character development, and all those things a GR review should address One of my favorite aspects of Martin s writing is the beautiful disaster protagonist, and she doesn t disappoint in The Antidote for Everything Georgia is smart, capable, and strong, but also messy and chaotic just the way I love my characters and real life friends The most important relationship in her life is Jonah her gay BFF It reminded me so much of my old friend Jessie and the trouble we got ourselves into while being each other s main emotional support Many of us create our families as adults, and I loved seeing this dynamic in the story In fact, you can tell that Martin deeply loves all the characters in the book, from the main characters to the dog to the patients I teared up than one time while reading this because I cared about the characters so much Martin s humor shines in this novel from the very first line, Most women did not begin their days by stabbing a man in the scrotum, but Georgia Brown was not most women With a Urologist as the main character, you get a lot of funny situations, and I loved her descriptions of male discomfort She also doesn t shy away from discussions of wealth inequality and how it affects health care outcomes I m a long time fan of medical dramas and the daughter of a physician , and The Antidote for Everything strikes the right note in her attention to detail without going overboard into TMI The tension is well wrought throughout the book and the plot twists kept me guessing The cover is straight up gorgeous, but that is to be expected from Martin and Berkley love this book and highly recommend it. The Antidote For Everything is so powerful and merges very sensitive topics which will make you go through mixed emotions throughout the pages The fabulous medical prose by a doctor is always attractive to read and Kimmery is bringing a World filled with suspense and humour also complexed characters that you will love so much Georgia is a bookworm doctor and her life is not alike the other womens, she has a very interesting personality and her friendship with Joah is so special and unique that we all wish to have one in real life Jonah s story is also incredibly elaborated I loved Emma and Zadie cameo within the book, if you haven t read The Queen of Hearts theybare the main characters from Kimmery s first book The background settings of Europe places is fascinating and I enjoyed the Frankfurt hospital scene, the romantic scenes are so emotional and mind blowing, Martin has shown us and the perfect side of the romance prose that will keep you keen on the book Amsterdam was also incredible and I loved the scenes there so much The novel is moving, revolutionary and powerful it merges topics like sexual politics, equality and friendship How far can you go to reach your rights and to let your voice be heard, the conflict and the drama that The Antidote For Everything brings are outrageous and extremely intriguing The book is definitely and for sure one of the biggest novel of 2020, so make sure to pre order it I was a big fan of Kimmery Martin s smart, witty debut, THE QUEEN OF HEARTS, and this follow up does not disappoint Her characters are fascinatingly brilliant, authentically human, and complicated in ways equally maddening and endearing In other words, they could be your friends and by the end of the story, they certainly feel that way THE ANTIDOTE FOR EVERYTHING has a ripped from the headlines hook Martin s take on how doctors and corporations face down all too real stances on discrimination will make you think, feel, and ultimately stand up and cheer. 3 to 3.5 stars This topic is timely and important I wanted to like this novel than I did The heroine of this novel is a doctor, so Georgia analyzes everything through a scientific lens The problem is, that I, the reader, am now analyzing her feelings of lust and attraction toward Mark, because that s how the story is being told to me I didn t FEEL it Whatever novel I m reading, I want to feel something I want to laugh, cry, fall in love with the hero along with the heroine, or feel so filled with suspense I can t wait to find out what happens next and actually get stressed out until I m sure the hero is all right The only emotion I felt reading this was anger toward the fact that it s still legal to discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community in jobs and healthcare and housing in many states Holy cow, I just checked the ACLU website and it said that in 38 states it s still legal to discriminate against LGBTQ folks That seems wrong, statistically, and is obviously grotesquely wrong morally There were some nice plot twists, but all in all, this just didn t do it for me Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to review this novel, which RELEASES FEBRUARY 18, 2020.For reviews, please visit Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Beth MowbrayGeorgia is a urologist working at a hospital in Charleston, South Carolina with her best friend, Jonah She enjoys her job and the people she works with, both patients and co workers, until one day a scandal breaks loose Many of Jonah s patients begin leaving the clinic with no explanation Then Jonah himself comes under scrutiny and is at risk of losing his job As Georgia and Jonah uncover what is going on, they learn the truth the hospital intends to no longer treat transgender patients When Jonah stands up against this injustice, he is fired With her own job on the line as well, Georgia tries to help Jonah find a way out of a particularly sticky predicament in hopes that the hospital will not only hire him back, but will also see the error of their discriminatory ways.The Antidote for Everything is Kimmery Martin s second fiction novel, drawing on her own experiences as a physician A subplot of Georgia s love interest adds another dimension to the storyline that is otherwise focused on medical and social issues The novel also includes many aspects that are sure to draw the reader in a strong female lead, mystery and twists in the plot, and the strong bond of friendship between the main characters, Georgia and Jonah Martin s writing is quite sound for one making such a drastic change in fields however despite the solid writing the storyline feels too contrived overall While there are compelling points throughout, by and large the novel feels too neatly planned out and structured, at least for this reviewer s tastes When broaching a large, complex, and currently relevant topic, such as that of gender identity which is examined here, one may be looking for depth with the social commentary At times it felt as if there was a pull between whether the story was truly focused on what Georgia and Jonah would risk to save their patients versus what they would do to save themselves or each other.It is particularly interesting, however, to note some of the situations which influenced and inspired Martin to write this story For example, Martin actually knows a physician who was fired for refusing to stop treating transgender patients Martin also lives in the state of North Carolina and has stated that her writing was influenced by the passing of an anti discrimination ordinance for gay and transgender people in the city of Charlotte a few years back Despite the concerns noted by this reviewer, it does seem that The Antidote for Everything has the appeal of contemporary fiction which is likely to find a broad audience out in the reading world If you tend to enjoy a bit of a lighter, commercial fiction novel which still contains important social references, you may want to give this one a try. A riveting page turner that rivals your favorite prime time medical drama Loved it. With incredible voice and scalpel sharp wit, Martin deftly navigates the light, the dark and the in between of the human soul As Southern and queer and an early manuscript sensitivity reader I saw myself reflected in honest pages penned by a true ally This novel broke my heart in all the best ways. In This Whip Smart And Timely Novel From Acclaimed Author Kimmery Martin, Two Doctors Travel A Surprising Path When They Must Choose Between Treating Their Patients And Keeping Their Jobs Georgia Brown S Profession As A Urologist Requires Her To Interact With Plenty Of Naked Men, But Her Romantic Prospects Have Fizzled The Most Important Person In Her Life Is Her Friend Jonah Tsukada, A Funny, Empathetic Family Medicine Doctor Who Works At The Same Hospital In Charleston, South Carolina And Who Has Become As Close As Family To HerJust After Georgia Leaves The Country For A Medical Conference, Jonah Shares Startling News The Hospital Is Instructing Doctors To Stop Providing Medical Care For Transgender Patients Jonah, A Gay Man, Is The First To Be Fired When He Refuses To Abandon His Patients Stunned By The Predicament Of Her Closest Friend, Georgia S Natural Instinct Is To Fight Alongside Him But When Her Attempts To Address The Situation Result In Incalculable Harm, Both Georgia And Jonah Find Themselves Facing The Loss Of Much Than Their Careers