download Textbooks The Business of Platforms: Strategy in the Age of Digital Competition, Innovation, and Power (Hörbuch-Herunterladen): Michael A. Cusumano, Annabelle Gawer, David B. Yoffie, Sean Patrick Hopkins, HarperAudio: Audible AudiobooksAutor Michael A. Cusumano –

Ich bin Hochschullehrer im Bereich Innovationsmanagement und setze dieses Buch in meinen Lehrinhalten ein Das Buch richtet sich nicht nur an Akademiker, sondern liefert auch einen wertvollen Beitrag an anwendungsorientierte Personen, die sich mit digitalen Plattformen und Gesch ftsmodellen auseinandersetzen Das Buch bietet fundierte theoretische und praktischen Inhalte und geht mit dem Thema auch kritisch um. This book counts as one of the most informative and instructive mentors that one can hope for as a guide through the practicals of building and running platform operations It is accessible and matter of a fact in defining the basic concepts underlying platforms, in its coverage of numerous benchmarks, as well as in providing pragmatic recommendations for the development of a platform business This book also tells the story of the astonishing shift in trade and work practices over the last two decades Denis Gauvreau, Director of Innovation and Business Development, Polytechnique Montr al A highly accessible, authoritative work that introduces and discusses the new business model of digital platforms, which has had an immense impact on the world in recent years From introducing the economics behind platforms, to defining its types, to providing strategies and predictions for the future, this book covers much, yet is grounded in numerous real case examples A highly welcome addition to the nascent literature on digital platforms Though the authors aim to provide a practical manual for platform owners and developers, this book is highly recommended to anyone interested in the confluence of business, economics and technology. The books has written in very simple language , very knowledgeable about platforms ,past , current and future of platform Many useful details about platform and its environment as well as analysing business strategy of all famous and profitable platform I definitely recommend to read if you would like to know about platforms. A trio of experts on high tech business strategy and innovation reveal the principles that have made platform businesses the most valuable firms in the world and the first trillion dollar companies Managers and entrepreneurs in the digital era must learn to live in two worlds the conventional economy and the platform economy Platforms that operate for business purposes usually exist at the level of an industry or ecosystem, bringing together individuals and organizations so they can innovate and interact in ways not otherwise possible Platforms create economic value far beyond what we see in conventional companies The Business of Platforms is an invaluable, in depth look at platform strategy and digital innovation Cusumano, Gawer, and Yoffie address how a small number of companies have come to exert extraordinary influence over every dimension of our personal, professional, and political lives They explain how these new entities differ from the powerful corporations of the past They also question whether there are limits to the market dominance and expansion of these digital juggernauts Finally, they discuss the role governments should play in rethinking data privacy laws, antitrust, and other regulations that could reign in abuses from these powerful businesses Their goal is to help managers and entrepreneurs build platform businesses that can stand the test of time and win their share of battles with both digital and conventional competitors As experts who have studied and worked with these firms for someyears, this audiobook is the most authoritative and timely investigation yet of the powerful economic and technological forces that make platform businesses, from and Apple to Microsoft, Facebook, and Google all dominant players in shaping the global economy, the future of work, and the political world we now face Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio Il saggio tratta in maniera molto esaustiva il fenomeno del platform capitalism, proponendo una accurata tassonomia delle piattaforme digitali.La trattazione mette in evidenza le condizioni entro le quali agisca e sia possibile avviare o rilevare una piattaforma digitale, distinguendo tra piattaforme focalizzate sulle innovazioni o sulle transazioni, facendo risaltare le cosiddette societ ibride.Dal punto di vista di chi si occupa della platformization nell ambito del settore della costruzione e dell immobiliare, vale a dire dell ambiente costruito, il testo particolarmente utile per comprendere in che termini le logiche immateriali delle industry platform possano incontrare quelle tangibili delle product platform del real world.The book does deal on quite an effective way with the platform capitalism, providing a careful and detailed taxonomy concerning the digital platforms.The essay highlights how a platform behaves and might be established or bought, depending on the different ultimate nature of the transaction or innovation platforms, emphasizing the hybrid companies role.Those who investigate the AECO Industry s platformization could gain profit from the book because it does allow to realize how the intangible rationales proper to the industry platforms could meet the tangible product platforms stemming from the real world. Clear and concise articulation of the key levers that drive platform success, it goes far beyond the basics on network effects and gets deeper into the defining features and main differences between transaction vs innovation platforms I really liked the four steps to building a platform and the chapter on common mistakes A must read for anybody dealing with platform in any capacity. This is a really great book Well written, clear, insightful It encapsulates many of the key lessons that managers and policymakers need to know about platforms The book also includes many colorful examples of failures and successes by small and large firms alike.My favourite part of the book is Chapter 6 about the dark side of platforms These days, we clearly see in the news that platforms can have horrible consequences on society if they are mismanaged The mismanagement of platforms has already had disastrous consequences on democracies, leading to social unrest, to the erosion of democracies, and in some cases to actual physical violence e.g., Myanmar There is a general need to understand what platforms are and how they work if we want to stop this dangerous trend.This is why reading this book is so important, and so urgent. Amazing content for those who are seeking a deeper understanding of a platform business dynamics Deep research and lots of insight from the real world of business A must read, definitely. Excellent book