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Notorious Illegal Avoid if you canThese are words most commonly used to describe what some mistakenly call The Deep Web Yet, the Deep Web is where your banking information sits Your shopping profile, your saved searches, and your passwordsWhat theyre really referring to is THE DARK WEB, and Ill take you therewith the proper preparation and knowledge of its history Learn who created the Dark Web and how long its been in existence Discover the people who dedicated their lives to the technology that runs the Dark Web, and why they made such sacrifices Youll read about those who rose to dizzying heights plumbing riches in the darknet, and who fell because of their vanity and overconfidenceIn The Dark Web Dive, youll unbury the facts about The secret origin of Tor and the Tor ProjectThe uncensored history of the Dark Web, Arpanet and its dark siblingsWho provides funding for the Dark Web Youll be surprised The stories behind the Silk Road, Hansa, and other infamous Dark Web marketplacesThe truth about the Surface Web and why Google is not to be trusted with your information, and what you can do about it The technology you need to keep your internet identity safe on a daily basisThe chilling tales of the Dark Web Are the urban legends coming from the darknets based in truth Who are the heroes, and who are the villains of hidden service sites And how to tell one from another A step by step guide to suit up before you embark on your own Dark Web DiveThe answers youve always wanted to the questions you were perhaps too afraid to ask are here, along with a wealth of knowledge to open your eyes as to whats really happening below the surface of the Internet every day Be one of the ones who know the truth and has the facts to arm themselves against identity theft and data farming Dare to take The Dark Web Dive today

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    Bah, una guida completa Sicuramente le ultime 15 pagine sono interessanti, per il resto una storia di InternetFar parte della piccola biblioteca sull argomento, ma non lo consiglierei causa superficialit

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