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Center City wasn t exactly a hotbed of activity, which suited Vera Warren just fine She liked her life the way it was, quiet and uncomplicated In the blink of an eye, both go out the window when she sees something no one was intended to see Things become even complicated when Deacon Deke Hawke, President of The Vikings MC and her secret crush, shows up at her door She can t be certain he s there simply as a customer or if he knows what she saw Deacon Hawke wasn t looking for a relationship he had enough on his plate Between being President of The Vikings and a member of the Center City Pack, he had to walk a fine line to keep the two apart It was one he walked with pride, and skill Then everything changes, and Deacon finds himself thrust into a life and death battle, with Vera at his side Lives will be lost Secrets will be revealed Bonds will be built and broken and the only thing that s certain is that nothing is certain 2.5 stars This book showed a good effort, but the character development was lacking and the storyline was choppy I liked the humor and playfulness, but just don t have the patience for the flow not compelling enough for me, but if paranormal romance is your thing, this could be the book and series for you I just need somethingfast paced,edgy, and withgrab I went back and forth between a 3 and a 4 on this one It was pretty good, a little tough to follow but it had potential I wasn t even bothered too much by the abrupt switch to a pnr were shifter story What finally lost the 4 stars for me was the cliffhanger complete lack of resolution or answers If you re trying to lure people in to a new series, don t tick them off with a cliffhanger on the first book. A MC book this is not I started reading this and was thinking this was going to be a good story At 20% I was like WTF I wanted to stop reading it but at the same time wanted to see what happens I honestly think that the Arthur should have had that this was a paranormal story with werewolves and other creatures in the synopsis I gave it a shot read the whole thing to realize that it actually ends with a Cliffhanger Sorry but I will not being reading book 2. I loved the blurb on this book and that isn t to say that there is anything wrong with it but I went in thinking it was a biker book and then it became a biker werewolf book Over all it was just okay for me I would likely try somethingby the author as the writing it self was decent I just don t know that I would readin this series.