The Remedy: Bringing Lean Thinking Out of the Factory to Transform the Entire Organization –

Winner of the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Quality ImprovementFrom the Shingo judgesThis work has an extremely widespread application as the tools, techniques, and methods described are at a level that achieves the goals of Lean and operational excellence without tying them down to a specific industry or work stream The book provides practical knowledge for lean champions, managers, and executives driving toward operational excellence enterprise wide The story format, and the presentation of this material was excellent, and the avoidance of lean and operational excellence jargon gives the book a wide appeal it is a pleasure to read The Sequel to the Influential Lean Business Novel Andy MeThe Remedy is a compelling a business fable that shows how Lean quality improvement business practices traditionally associated with manufacturing can dramatically improve the service areas of your business including design, engineering, sales, marketing and all processes in between Written by Pascal Dennis, a leading Lean consultant, the story follows Tom Pappas and Rachel Armstrong, senior leaders at a desperate automotive company as they try to implement a Lean management system across an entire platform, the Chloe, a breakthrough green car The future of the company is at stake Can Tom and Rachel, supported by Andy Saito, a retired, reclusive Toyota executive, regain the trust and respect of the customer Can a venerable but dying company implement Lean practices to every part of their business and learn a new,effective way of managingShows you how to use the Lean quality improvement method to fix not just a manufacturing system, but an entire company, including management, design, marketing, and supply chain Written by Pascal Dennis, author of four books on Lean practices and winner of the coveted Shingo Prize for outstanding research contributing to operational excellence Originally developed by Toyota, the Lean approach to quality improvement has gained a worldwide following and helped turn around enumerable struggling businessesPraise for The RemedyLean manufacturing has become a common focus, but its application in other functions like marketing, RD, and finance has been problematic The Remedy is teaching us how to cure Big Company Disease by applying Lean across our entire company Dave Faddis, Senior Executive, Kimberly Clark CorporationThis is a great addition to the literature and is a quick and engaging read Pascal uses his deep experience implementing Lean concepts in the workplace, his natural writing skills, and great visuals to bring the story to life and educate us along the way Jeffrey K Liker, Professor, University of Michigan,and author of The Toyota WayThe Remedy utilizes storytelling to connect Lean theory with practical application not only at the functional level, but across the barriers of a complex organization A must have reference book for all leaders Tom Melsen, Vice President, Personal Care Product Supply, Kimberly Clark CorporationPascal s ability to translate the challenges of real world Lean transformations into the written word is uncanny Building off his previous Lean stories, Getting the Right Things Done and Andy Me, Pascal gives us all a story we can relate to how do we Lean out enterprise business systems This work is muchdifficult than Leaning out factory type activity, but the rewards are commensurate with the level of difficulty Allen Vyce, Director, FChange Integration, Lockheed Martin AeronauticsPascal has done a masterful job of highlighting one of the most pressing problemsfacing businesses today effective application of Lean principles to the office floor Dave Brule, Sr President and CEO, Northern Star Industries, IncIn The Remedy, once again Pascal has managed to incorporate great principles into an interesting story The Implementation Checklist and Study Questions at the end of each chapter are great learning tools Steve Pontbriand, Executive VP and COO, Northern Star Industries, IncPascal has a rare ability to boil down complex subjects to their simplest form Here, he really puts perspective on leadership s role in a Lean organization, and the water ring model is a great image for guiding leaders behavior Jamie Speaker, Co President, JW Speaker Corporation