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Interesting and down to earth Examples are good, discussions are relevant, and you can connect it to service Enjoyed the discussion around Toyata kata as well. La calidad del empastado y las paginas es bastante buena, permitiendote tomar notas y escribir en el sin da ar el libro.He disfrutado mucho de este libro manual. Radical my husband is very pleased with book Not as transformational as the others in this series. Very nice and practical book Excellent bookGives head start to use lean in your unique environment.Good bunch of examples. The world s bestselling Lean expert shows service based organizations how to go Lean, gain value, and get results The Toyota WayA must read for service professionals of every level, this essential book takes the proven Lean principles of the bestselling Toyota Way series and applies them directly to the industries where quality of service is crucial for success Jeff Liker and Karyn Ross show you how to develop Lean practices throughout your organization using the famous P model Whether you are an executive, manager, consultant, or frontline worker who deals with customers every day, you ll learn how take advantage of all Lean has to offer With this book as your guide, you ll gain a clear understanding of Lean and discover the principles, practices and tools needed to develop people and processes that surprise and delight each of your customers These ground tested techniques are designed to help you make continuous improvements in your services, streamline your operations, and add ever increasing value to your customers Fascinating case studies of Lean driven success in a range of service industries, including healthcare, insurance, financial services, and telecommunications, illustrate that Lean principles and practices work as well in services as they do in manufacturingDrawn from original research and real world examples, The Toyota Way to Service Excellence will help you make the leap to Lean A bookshop with so many ideas to recall and remember I would like underline almost every page I hope I will be able to utilize just a part of the ideas. Good book