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The WiFi Networking Book WLAN Standards IEEEbgn, n , ac and ax starts from the ground up for a new user and does a gradual progression into the technical details around IEEEWireless Lan communications standard The book details the legacystack a b g and also goes into the latest wave ofstandards n, ac and axIntroductionA wireless LAN WLAN is a data transmission system designed to provide location independent network access between computing devices by using radio waves rather than a cable infrastructure In the corporate enterprise, wireless LANs are usually implemented as the final link between the existing wired network and a group of client computers, giving these users wireless access to the full resources and services of the corporate network across a building or campus settingThe widespread acceptance of WLANs depends on industry standardization to ensure product compatibility and reliability among the various manufacturersThespecification as a standard for wireless LANS was ratified by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE in the yearThis version ofprovides forMbps andMbps data rates and a set of fundamental signaling methods and other services Like all IEEEstandards, thestandards focus on the bottom two levels the ISO model, the physical layer and link layer Any LAN application, network operating system, protocol, including TCP IP and Novell NetWare, will run on ancompliant WLAN as easily as they run over EthernetWhat is inside Overview on Wireless Technologies, Usage Scenarios and related TaxonomyWireless LAN andWiFi Architecture,Physical Layer,Data Link Layer,Security Standards b, a, g, n MIMO, ac Waveand Wave , axFuture Amendments tomc Wi Fi RTT , ad Wi Gig , af White Fi , ah Wi Fi HaLow , ai, aj CMMW , aq, ay Next GenGHz , be EHT , az Next Gen Positioning , ba Wake up Radio , bb Li Fi , bc Enhanced Broadcast Services , bd Next Gen Vehicular WiMax Networks Forum, WiMax Protocol, WiMax Architecture

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  1. Customer Customer says:

    This is a very brief, very high level summary of what the various 802.11 standards are generally about No detail beyond these high level summaries.The publisher seems to have realized they did not have a full book on their hands, so they went small 6 x 9 inches , and they left blank 21 of the 107 pages They also counted every single page including the first title page which is generally not counted , and they left a lot of white space on the non blank pages.If this were published as a normal size book without all the gratuitous white space, it might occupy about 30 pages Just a guess.Another reviewer said this was Very thorough and detailed information of 802.11 wireless technologies Is he perhaps a friend of the author Thorough and detailed this is not Can a thorough and detailed account of all the various 802.11 standards fit into about 30 pages For what it is, it seems fine It s a concise high level summary But I feel they re marketing and pricing it as a book when it s really of an introductory pamphlet.

  2. Fidel Fidel says:

    Very thorough and detailed information of 802.11 wireless technologies Most other books on the topic are horribly out of date, but this book at least at the time is very current on the latest on the 802.11 standards In particular sections of 802.11 ac and 802.11ax are great to have as they are the latest in wifi.

  3. KeKe KeKe says:

    This a is a pretty good intro into what wifi is and the standards surrounding it I wish there was a partner book to go along with it as it feels a bit light but this information is still helpful if your taking a networking course.