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I thought this classic could never be improved I was wrongDr Hill s work has been honored and enhanced by this outstanding new edition Wally Amos, Famous Amos Chocolate Chip CookiesThe single greatest guide to achieving success ever written, featuring a new foreword by Steve Harvey Think and Grow Rich, first published in , tookthan twenty years of research to compile Napoleon Hill was a journalist and writer who later served as an advisor to President Franklin D Roosevelt fromtoHis big break came with his interview of Andrew Carnegie inIntrigued by Carnegies assertion that the path to success could be broken down into a simple yet comprehensive formula, Hill accepted Carnegies challenge to study and interviewthan five hundred extremely successful individuals to determine to what they owed their vast achievementsThis masterwork identifies thirteen principles that every person should adopt if they are serious about achieving successall are empirically based in the aforementioned decades of research Hill has synthesized what wealthy and or exceptionally successful individuals have in common This classic guide is one of the bestselling books of all time, having sold twenty million copies by Hills death inWith razor focus, desire, persistence, and perseverance you too can join the likes of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie

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