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We re Having A Tuesday is the story of one child coping with her parents divorce As she bounces between her parents, she struggles with living between two homes She misses simple things like her bike and her clothes She eventually discovers that her parents love is with her no matter where she is living This book beautifully illustrates a touching story and includes an interactive element kids can relate to The timing and importance of this rare book cannot be overstated It s a great resource for anyone touching the lives of children living the shuffled lifestyle caused by their parents divorce It s perfect for kids years of age Kids going thru changes after parent divorceVery good for kids going thru changes after a divorce Hard on kids great ending wish the parents had to move instead of the kids Truly a remarkable story book for children with divorced parents even had worksheets included so kids do things to help themselves with problems of living in two different houses and showing how even though the parents are divorced they both love the kids as much as before The illustrations were lovely watercolor type pictures and on every page. My daughter loved it Great book