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Desired State Configuration DSC is a powerful configuration management platform that makes it easier than ever to perform cross platform configuration management of your infrastructure, whether on premise or in the cloud DSC provides the management platform and Application Programming Interface API that can be used with any programming language Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Revealed will take you through this new technology from start to finish and demonstrates the DSC interfaces through Windows PowerShellDSC allows you to manage target devices by simply declaring what state you want them to be in, using new declarative language extensions, rather than writing detailed instructions to get them into that state This makes continuous delivery in Windows easier than ever before In an environment where changes and deployments are happening all the time, DSC makes the necessary adjustments to the system so you dont have toWindows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Revealed starts with an overview of the configuration management features in Windows, followed by a discussion of the architecture of DSC and its components Youll then explore DSCs built in features and resources, followed by some of the different methods provided for delivering configuration information within your ecosystem, and learn about configuration monitoring and reporting In the latter part of the book, youll find out how to getpower out of DSC by writing your own custom DSC resources, including a range of useful examples, and the book concludes with vital information on deploying and troubleshooting DSC in a production environment, along with some expert tips and tricks you might find useful along the wayWindows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Revealed is your one stop guide to this new technology and how it can change your working life for the betterWhat youll learnWhy continuous delivery and configuration management are importantArchitecture and components of DSCHow to build the infrastructure required to automate configuration managementHow to use built in resources and create configuration documentsHow to create custom DSC resourcesHow to troubleshoot DSC configuration and custom resource issuesWho this book is forWindows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Revealed is for IT administrators, developers and DevOps engineers working in Windows based data center environments With a little prior PowerShell scripting experience, this book can be used as an in depth reference to creating, customizing and extending DSC in Windows IT administrators with limited scripting experience will also find this book a useful overview of what DSC offers and how to use DSC resources to automate configuration management and deployment DSC is available as part of Windowsand Windows ServerR You can also get DSC on Windows , Windows ServerR or Windows Serverby installing Windows Management Framework Table of ContentsPart I Introduction to Windows PowerShellChapterBeginning Windows PowerShellChapterIntroducing Windows Remote Management and CIMPart II Desired State ConfigurationChapterIntroducing Desired State ConfigurationChapterGetting Started with DSCChapterUsing Built in DSC ResourcesChapterBuilding Advanced DSC ConfigurationsPart III Advanced DSC Concepts and Tips ChapterDSC Configuration Delivery ModesChapterMonitoring, Correcting, and Reporting ConfigurationChapterBuilding Custom DSC ResourcesChapterTroubleshooting Common DSC IssuesChapterDSC From the FieldAppendix A DSC Community ResourcesAppendix B WMFand DSC for Linux