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Anxiously awaiting volume 2 Can t wait to readstories from this author A series of classy sometimes and sexy always short stories that put the sexual needs of the woman far above those of the man One need only not be a staunch, jealous, monogamist to enjoy these stories, and even they may find some sick, twisted erotic pleasure from them At least these women aren t your wives and or girlfriends, right Right DNF 6% the writing style is different and just not my cup of tea Don t get me wrong, I love me some erotica but this wasn t it Side note the positive reviews, high star score were from men LOL. This didn t even qualify for a full star,.5 at best I m not even completely sure what I ve just read No, just no. Love Short and sweet stories Very hot and to the point If like me you love fantasies of cuckold, where your wife girlfriend have sex with others, then this is a good book to get ideas The stories affect in different ways, ranging from being excited to being upset about a fantasy A wonderful variety of stories with women taking sex as a natural part of life Can only recommend the stories.Sven Andersson This collection of graphically erotic short vignettes explores the complex emotions of husbands watching wives with other men This is sometimes called the hotwife fantasy Unlike other cuckold stories, these are not stories of malicious women seeking to humiliate their partners, but rather of loving wives seeking to break free of the sexual doldrums that so many middle aged couples fall into