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New York Times Bestselling Authors Becky Albertalli And Aisha Saeed Have Crafted A Resonant, Funny, And Memorable Story About The Power Of Love And Resistance YESJamie Goldberg Is Cool With Volunteering For His Local State Senate Candidate As Long As He S Behind The Scenes When It Comes To Speaking To Strangers Or, Let S Face It, Speaking At All To Almost Anyone , Jamie S A Choke Artist There S No Way He D Ever Knock On Doors To Ask People For Their Votes Until He Meets MayaMaya Rehman S Having The Worst Ramadan Ever Her Best Friend Is Too Busy To Hang Out, Her Summer Trip Is Canceled, And Now Her Parents Are Separating Why Her Mother Thinks The Solution To Her Problems Is Political Canvassing With Some Awkward Dude She Hardly Knows Is Beyond HerYBE SOGoing Door To Door Isn T Exactly Glamorous, But Maybe It S Not The Worst Thing In The World After All, The Polls Are Getting Closer And So Are Maya And Jamie Mastering Local Activism Is One Thing Navigating The Cross Cultural Romance Of The Century Is Another Thing Entirely

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    Who needs extreme sports when news of new book releases by my favorite authors give me adrenaline than I will ever need for the rest of my life

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    There s part of me that is gagging for this book and another part of me that is questioning how the faith aspect is going to be handled I m tired of it being inauthentic, wishy washy and westernised, just so that it suits the audience Just so that Muslims are perceived as normal.Keeping my fingers crossed all the same.

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    I live my life by simple rules I see Becky Albertalli I read itupdate I LOVE THIS COVER

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    I thought going in that this would be a sweet, summery romance with a little bit of political discourse sprinkled in It was, but it was also relevant, engaging and realistic The romance took a back seat to the friendship and political aspects, which I loved It had something for everyone, from relatable characters, to diversity in terms of race and religion to fighting for what you believe in I love how this book put our characters into situations that forced them to grow and re evaluate their beliefs The book as a whole subverted genre expectations, causing both the characters and us as readers to amend their assumptions It was from little things like how Jaime s grandmother was a social media influencer, to Jaime realising his ignorance about Ramadan, and how no, Maya does not eat goldfish, drink coffee or even water during the period I cannot comment on the representation in this book, but it is ownvoices in terms of the Jewish, Muslim and Pakistani American rep Jaime Ahh my dear, sweet, awkward, target loving Jaime Jaime is helping out over the summer to help his cousin work on a campaign for a special election coming up for his state s house He is roped in see also forced by his mother to canvas for the election I can relate to Jaime in the fact that there are probably a thousand things I would rather do than go door to door to talk to strangers about something that has the aptitude to get people very heated However, Jaime wants to be a politician one day, and figures this may be a way to learn to speak to people without embarrassing himself Over the course of his canvassing, he becomes and passionate about the cause Maya is a Pakistani American Muslim who is going through some difficult times with her family at the moment Her parents are taking a separation to try to sort some things out Her world is subsequently turned upside down and all she wants to do is to have her friend be there to talk to, but Sara is eternally busy with work, getting ready for college and moving in with her new roommate As a result, Maya feels shunned and replaced and doesn t have many plans for summer When her parents offer her a car for going canvassing for Rossum, she agrees She is initially a bit trepidatious, after all, isn t he just another cis white guy going for office But as she and Jaime talk , it becomes less and less about the car and about doing what she believes in The stakes are especially high for Maya when a bill is announced that directly targets Muslim people and would essentially make her mother a criminal just because of what she chooses to wear Maya and Jaime team up to try and fight the racist bill, but nothing they say or do seems to work Representatives they go to talk to brush off their concerns and twist their words, so it seems like the bill is there for the protection of citizens, rather than targeting them It made my blood boil, and that was the intention we might give it our all and crash and burn But we might win We might actually change things And that maybe makes it still worth going for, don t you think This book felt realistic, and that was the most terrifying thing of all I am not from the US, but it is difficult to escape American politics even from on the other side of the world It was interesting however to see how the political climate manifests itself in forms of tension, black and white attitudes and the division of a country This book was not entirely flawless, at times I found it a little reference heavy, dramatic and some issues felt unnecessary I also feel this book could have been a good opportunity to explore international politics, and thought that since Jaime was so engrossed in the political climate of the US he probably would have been interested in that of of other countries but that did not diminish my enjoyment enough to lower the rating The things I loved far outweighed those I didn t As someone who is currently too young to vote, I loved how the authors depicted teenagers in today s political arena The characters feel so deeply and strongly and want to make a difference but people don t take them seriously because of their age and they begin to feel helpless and insignificant The truth is, it s a weird time to be coming of age The world s really messy right now And it s so hard to be twelve or thirteen or fifteen or seventeen, where you re old enough to get it, but you can t vote I loved the ending of this book, in terms of the result of the election I won t say anything about it, because it is very easily spoiled While this book is intended to make you mad and feel the passion that it is so evident these authors feel about the current state of America s government it left me with a feeling of hope Hope that our generation can change things Hope that even though I am young, I can make a difference, no matter how small Hope that life can improve for the thousands who are suffering under oppressive and discriminatory governments and sovereignties not just in the US but across the world Hope that one day, a teenager can look back on this book and not relate to the issues we are facing today _____________________________________________I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved it I loved itreview to come _____________________________________________I just got accepted for an arc of this and WHEN I TELL YOU I SCREAMEDthank you so much Netgalley and Simon and Schuster Australia

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    we have a title and description about this book and i m even excited now there s literally no title, description or cover but it s already one of my favourite books.

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    OoOoOoOooOoOoOooOo What a pretty cover yyeyesyes nyes noyes no myes no mayes no mayyes no maybyes no maybeyes no maybe syes no maybe soyes no maybe syes no maybeyes no maybyes no mayyes no mayes no myes noyes nyesyeythis is the most beautiful title i have ever witnessed in my entire existence

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    This book sounds great, and really cute Becky is good at collaborating with other authors, so I m sure she ll be fantastic, and while I don t know much about the other author she seems cool So yeah This ll be good.

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    Actual rating 4.5 starsThis book was very good and I enjoyed it immensely I thought it was just going to be this cute rom com type of story, and sure, it was But, it was so much than that It honestly took me by surprise with how relevant it was, with religion, politics, even what people will do to go viral on the internet.I m a white cis woman, so perhaps take this review with a grain of salt, but I felt like the religion was handled in a respectful way and I appreciated that a lot The topics that were controversial in here, I thought were handled in the correct ways It made me so angry with what Maya and her family have to go through, because it s what Muslim people go through daily, and it makes my blood boil because they re just people trying to live their lives and this world is so corrupt and ehdiwosnwksjxh I hate it And this book focuses a lot on that and the whole point was to get me mad, so kudos to Becky and Aisha because that s what they were going for and it worked I loved the family relationships and also the friendships The family drama was both precious and sad I also really liked Maya and Jamie together They always supported one another, and they were just all around adorable The only reason why I m not giving this five stars is because of the ending I thought it ended abruptly and when I clicked to go to the next page and saw that it was over, I was like, really That s it Like, it was cute, sure, but it also wasn t a happy ending and I thought there would at least be an epilogue or something But, maybe it was ended this way because there could be a sequel or at least a companion novel I don t know, but it took me by surprise and I didn t really care for it I thought there could have been a little to it, you know I can t say why because of spoilers, but I felt like the story would have been better with some sort of epilogue or like a X amount of months years later sort of thing Overall, I highly recommend reading this when it comes out It s very well written, and has just enough cuteness to it while also being completely relevant to our world today Thank you so much to Edelweiss for providing me with an e ARC in exchange for an honest review Yes No Maybe So is set to be released February 2020.

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    Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Mimi KoehlerListen, I hate the current political climate as much as the next guy, but I can t deny that I love the stories that are being published because of it Never have authors been politically active and never have young adult stories made me want to pick up a sign and protest to save the world than they have in the last few years Yes, No, Maybe So is a story that gives you back a voice you might feel like you have lost or never had in the first place It reinforces the belief that you sitting there, reading that book have the power to change the world.The story follows young Jamie Goldberg and Maya Rehman who come to volunteer for the local state senate candidate in different ways Jamie is kind of forced into it because nepotism will always be a part of politics and Maya needs a distraction from the troubles at home For Jamie, the idea of going from door to door to get someone to vote is at best cringeworthy, at worst his biggest nightmare Jamie would love to be a politician one day, if only he could speak to people without getting anxious and feeling nauseated Maya can think of a dozen things she d rather do than canvass for another cis white dude, but when she and Jamie, childhood friends, reunite, everything changes And suddenly, going from door to door and getting people to engage in the issues the world is facing doesn t seem so bad any Especially when you find a cause worth fighting for and a politician to stand up for.So yes, this book features a love story, but that s not the focus of this book Instead, this story shows the journey of two individuals who are fighting their own silent war inside of themselves and are just trying to find a way to survive in the world Jamie is Jewish and Maya is a Muslim and it was so refreshing to see that even though they might not know all about the other s religion, they are willing to learn Yes, mistakes are made, Ramadan is misunderstood but it doesn t end in two sides crossing their arms and walking away, instead they both grow as individuals and together.They became invested in religious freedom and discrimination and while their love story definitely played a part in it, the bigger part of this book and where it shines are the moments that show the reader that teenagers are not just sitting in front of their phone all day, doing nothing, but that they are actually worried about the political climate and where the world is going It puts heavy emphasis on the passion children can feel about changing things and the helplessness they experience because they are told that they don t matter until they re 18 when they can vote And the book completely subverted that statement to show that no matter your age, your race, your heritage, you can help make this world a better place You just have to find your niche.Naturally, this book isn t flawless The secondary characters are one dimensional and could have done with a bit fleshing out and the big fight at the end was too quickly resolved for it to have mattered as much as it did But seeing as this wasn t the focus of the book, these notes are understandably not as important than the real message.Without spoiling too much, I just want to say how much I loved the ending Some will surely say it was pessimistic or devastating but to me, it only drove home the message that sometimes you can do everything you need to do and still not get what you want But the valour is in getting up the next day and trying all over again.A wonderful exploration of political activism, multicultural interests and how powerful one voice can be when joined by others A must read for anyone who feels like fighting the forces that bind us.

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    I don t know anything about this but I want it.now